Carpe diem

In place of the many events we have selected a few highlights for you. However, it does not mean that this is the range of our services. Just tell us of your ideas and wishes - no matter which event - and we will realise your dreams.

Atze Schröder – Echte Gefühle

You know him with his curly wig, tinted pilot glasses and his unique humor: Atze Schröder is one of the most famous comedians on German TV and tours all over Germany with his live programs. He is one of the few artists who manages to keep his true identity out of the public eye and the art figure of the chubby-funny Atze Schröder becomes an icon of the German comedy scene.

Our services for Berlin from 03.02-05.02.2021:

  •     2 nights in a double room in a 3 or 4 star hotel
  •     breakfast
  •     2 tickets for the show on 04.02.2021

Price for 2 people: 590 €

Luke Mockridge – Welcome to Luckyland

After Luke Mockridge set new standards with his last live program "Lucky Man" and took us on a journey of self-discovery, he is now changing his perspective: WELCOME TO LUCKYLAND is a view of a world that is constantly being sold to us as a dystopia. But is our world really doomed, or will mankind still get the curve if it realizes that ultimately everyone is responsible for their own lucky land?

Our services for 28.04-30.04.2021 in Hamburg:

  •     2 nights in a double room in a 3 or 4 star hotel
  •     breakfast
  •     2 tickets for the show on 29.04.2021

Price for 2 people: € 590

DAS GROSSE SCHLAGERFEST.XXL - The party of the year 2021

The best for the anniversary: ​​More stars than ever!

He is the face of the German hit and continues to set new standards as a show master: Florian Silbereisen stands for the young hit like no other and brings the fan hearts to revolutions in rows. Now it is called 2021 "The big Schlagerfest.XXL" - the big tour for the anniversary with sensational guests: a great XXL mix for the perfect party!

Our services for Leipzig from 28-29.04.2021:

  •     1 night in a double room in a 3 or 4 star hotel
  •     breakfast
  •     2 tickets for the show on 28.04.2021

Price for 2 people: 450€

Mario Barth - The big anniversary show in Berlin

The "greatest couple therapist in the galaxy" is on tour again and fills the largest arenas in Germany. No wonder, because EVERYONE can identify with their relationship stories and beat themselves on the thighs with laughter. You too can irritate your diaphragm too.

Our services from 14.05-16.05.2021

  •     2 nights in a double room in a 4-star hotel in Berlin
  •     breakfast
  •     2 tickets for Mario Barth on 15.05.2021 May

 Price for 2 people: 499€

1Live Oberhausen Comedy Nacht XXL 2021

Every year, the biggest stars and the best newcomers of the German comedy scene meet in one evening and inspire at the “1LIVE Cologne Comedy Nacht XXL” an arena Cologne that is regularly sold out with 14,000 seats. 1LIVE and Köln Comedy are now bringing this unique show of superlatives to the Ruhr area. On 05.05.2021 the "1LIVE Oberhausen Comedy Nacht XXL" will take place in the König-Pilsener-ARENA in Oberhausen.

Our services from 05.05-06.05.2021:

  • 1 night in a double room in a 3 or 4 star hotel in Oberhausen
  • Breakfast
  • 2 tickets for the Comedy Night XXL 5.05.2021

 Price for 2 people: 450 €

Additional services are possible: You would like an accompanying programme? What about the local transfers? Strategically speaking, what is the best way to arrive and depart? Should you ask yourself these or similar questions, or you have something else in mind, don't hesitate to contact us (Tel.: +49 (0) 2064/ 1419 561, Mail:, Fax: +49 (0) 2064/ 1419 964). Your dreams are our passion.