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Sawubona Africa – Crossing the Bridge to South Africa for the World Championship

For many a companies a trip to the Soccer World Championship in South Africa was not an option due to various reasons: to far away, to expensive, or to high of a risk. Therefore, we were approached by a number of companies in order to fin a solution, which would allow their customers to experience this special event anyway.

Eine Reise zur Fußball-WM 2010 in Südafrika kam für die wenigsten Deutschen Unternehmen in Frage: zu weit die Reise, zu hoch die Kosten, zu groß das Risiko. Daher wurden wir von mehreren Unternehmen mit einem alternativen Konzept betraut, die Fußball-WM auch in Deutschland für Geschäftskunden erlebbar zu machen.

In the context of conventions and seminars, the guests were invited to the business premises of the RheinEnergieStadium in Cologne in order to get them in the mood for the evening match: goal wall shooting, giant kickers XXL and a get-together with Kölsch and snacks in between the locker rooms and the the player's tunnel increased the thrill of anticipation immensely.

The exclusive atmosphere within the "KAP am Südkai" was spiced up through a selection of African delicacies, an enthralling accompanying programme and experts from the soccer world. Thus, bridging the gap between Germany and South Africa.

Not only was the weather excellent but also the performance of the German National team, when they scored 1:0 against Ghana during the last group match. Sawubona Africa - a piece of the Soccer World Championship infront of your door!