“Passagier 23” - Book-Release-Party

Sebastian Fitzek is one of Germany’s renowned authors of psychological thrillers. And fitting to the theme of his book “Passagier 23”, we were asked to organise the Book-Release-Party that the publisher Droehmer Knaur gave for journalists, bookstores and fans.

A total of 200 guests were invited to travel to the MS BLEICHEN via barges from the harbour in Hamburg. Once there, Sebastian Fitzek entertained the audience by telling the story of how his book came about and recounted some of the highlights from the research phase before he even started writing. After a refreshing pause with drinks and selected delicacies, every guest received the opportunity to take a picture with the author and a signed copy of his book. Furthermore, we offered a guided tour through the ship itself for those brave guests, who were not deterred by the haunting story of the book.

We are wishing the best of luck to the publisher and Sebastian Fitzek that “Passagier 23” will turn into a huge success!

Watch the Book-Release Party on RTL » TV-Trailer