Let's get ready to rumble – Boxing Gala in St. Pauli

For a special employee outing that was organised for the Communication Agency Kolle Rebbe, Sportkultour invited roughly 250 guests to the legendary boxing ground "Zur Ritze" on St. Nicholas Day. The strategy for an undisputed K.O: first-class rounds of boxing, the one and only Michael Buffer, long-legged ring girls and rousing music.

The special feature of this Event was not only the peculiar location, but the inclusion of a few pre-selected customers into the programme. For example, when the CEO himself took over the role of legendary announcer Michael Buffer and led through the whole evening. Some employees from the strategy and creativity devision decided to brave the ring in a match versus the "Bad Guys" of the itze-Gym. No worries though, these employees had started a programme of personal training routines weeks earlier to get ready. Lastly and most importantly, the positions of the ring girls were filled by the ladies from the human resources and accounting devision.


Event for Employees